Tuesday, February 10, 2009

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck... fuck

u know, when it seems everyone know what to do but you. its like, hey, tell me where u get the magic black ball of the answers. i want one too. i actually need it.
besides, why do they all look so happy and sure about their lives? are they pretending? maybe they are just as miserable as me, or even worst! maybe im not the only one.. well, i know im not the only one, but believe me, if confussion was a nice feeling i would be the happiest girl on earth.
and, u must be askin what am i so confused about, rite?... well.. many things actually. im even confused about my confussion. this is serious, dont laugh!
im like walkin down this street, and i find, not two, not three, but a thousand different ways starting all around me, and they all look so similar and so fuckn different. they all look so complicated. and i cant even see the endings. and they are so many. and considering them, one by one.. omg, that is heavy.. im tired just of thinkin. picture me chosin and walkin!!
so im standing here. and i dont give a fuck. and i just live what comes to me. i dont move. i dont go anywhere. i just wait until things come. and the worst thing is that things do come.
anyway, im just a lil fucked up.

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